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Wondering where to eat and drink in Milwaukee? With James Beard Award-winning restaurants, acclaimed microbreweries, inventive bars and a farm-to-table community that will satisfy even the most devout locavore, Milwaukee offers a place and a taste for all visitors.

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Milwaukee is the city that beer built, and now you can see how Milwaukee builds its beer on these fun brewery tours!

Lakefront Brewery believes people want to go on brewery tours for three main reasons:  drink beer, be entertained and see the place.  You’ll enjoy a cold brew upon arrival and quirky guides who serve up belly-busting laughs on what ranks as the fourth best brewery tour in the nation. This progressive, award-winning brewer is the first beer company to bottle fruit beer since prohibition and the first beer to be certified gluten-free in the U.S.

You’ll find Milwaukee’s German heritage and a modern twist on old-world brewing tradition at Sprecher Brewing Company, including a tasting in their Munich-style beer garden. Sprecher’s Black Bavarian is ranked one of the top American Beers in the country. Don’t drink? Don’t worry. Quench your thirst with the root beer ranked the best in the U.S. by the New York Times. 

Share a passion for crafting and creating beer with the accomplished, home-brewer guides and “brewery scoundrels” at Milwaukee Brewing Company on a “beer in hand” tour.  You’ll enjoy chilling in the laid-back atmosphere of the city’s newest micro-brewery. Make sure to quiz the staff on the local lore behind creatively-named brews such as Polish Moon, Booyah and Louie’s Demise.

Journey through more than 150 years of brewing history at one of the nation’s brewing giants, MillerCoors. The hour-long, FREE tour walks you through the historic, underground caves where Frederick Miller cooled his brew (and where his hologram will fill you in on the early days) to the modern, high-speed production lines that crank out some of the most popular beer in the U.S. Enjoy a few samples after the tour in the historic, Bavarian-style Miller Inn.

At Brenner Brewing Co., you'll see how local art and local brews go hand in hand! Each microbrew features the artwork of a local artist, and after you tour the brewery, make sure to check out the adjacent art gallery. It should come as no surprise that a brewery named after the owners' beloved pet has a dog-friendly taproom. Bring your pup along on your visit to Black Husky Brewing - come on Saturday to catch a brewery tour. Visit MobCraft on Fridays and Saturdays to tour this Madison transplant's brewery and taproom and learn about its unique crowdsourced model.

Want to get a taste of more than one of Milwaukee's local breweries? Hop Head Beer Tours takes you through Milwaukee's modern breweries and brewing heritage on bike and bus tours, and Fun Beer Tours offers shuttle and walking tours of Milwaukee's beer history and exploding craft scene.

For a new way to enjoy a brew, check out the Pedal Tavern, Milwaukee’s 16-person, bicycle-powered pub crawl on wheels! Create your own stops or have a Pedal Tavern guide assist you in selecting watering holes and restaurants in the Historic Third Ward and Walker’s Point neighborhoods. Or, if you prefer a more aquatic trek, try America’s only brewery tour by boat. The Sunday 3 Brewery Tour from Riverwalk Boat Tours & Rentals takes you to Lakefront Brewery, Rock Bottom Brewery, and the Milwaukee Ale House.



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