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All Aglow at Firefly

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By Zack Zupke
Creative Services Manager
VISIT Milwaukee

Fireflies are a magical summertime phenomenon, emitting long blinks of light like wondrous fairies slowly dancing through darkness. They glow for a bevy of reasons, but most commonly to attract other fireflies. It’s no wonder we were attracted to Firefly Bar & Grill in Wauwatosa on a recent late-summer night, not only by the thousands of tiny white lights wrapped around the front half of the restaurant, but also by 10 Days in Tosa.

For 10 days (ends September 19), 20 venues in the city of Wauwatosa (which is the Potawatomi word for “firefly”) are offering $5, $10 or $20 dining specials depending on location. Firefly’s offerings for $20 per person include: a house salad, a glass of wine or tap beer and one of six entrees. Yes, six choices. So, the choice was easy.

Our night began with drinks and appetizers at the bar as we flew a bit astray from the 10 Days in Tosa promotion. Long day at work = necessary stop at the bar before dinner. We found $5 drink specials, $8 appetizers and $3 mystery beers. My wife went with What-A-Teas: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and house-infused lemongrass lemonade. Perfect to a “T.” I just had to go with mystery beer and was not disappointed when a Dos Aquis Amber was opened in front of me. It went perfectly with our $8 nachos - pico de gallo, spicy chicken (and oh-so tender), black beans, Monterey cheese, jalapenos and spiced crema. Mmm, spiced crema. When in doubt, add spiced crema to anything.  

And when in Tosa, I recommend bringing two more friends than we did to tackle the Firefly nachos, but we nachoed up and headed to the patio for dinner. While summer’s days are soon officially over (September 22 on the calendar, but I keep the grill on the deck 7/365 for year-round summer), it’s not too late to enjoy many more nights dining outside and Firefly’s patio was beautiful. What’s better than a patio full of people on an 80-degree September night? Well, that same patio during 10 Days of Tosa, I suppose.

I kept with the night’s theme and opted for grilled mahi tacos - Napa cabbage, red and green chimmichurri and mango salsa (like a festive dance inside my mouth) with black beans and lime rice. My wife chose pasta pesto - 
pesto, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and asiago cheese. The four other temptations included garlic chicken, creamy mascarpone polenta, buffalo shrimp and blue cheese linguini and soy glazed mahi mahi.

We figured we’d go back with the aforementioned couple and knock those four off the list later in the week. What with Firefly’s attraction and 10 Days in Tosa’s special offerings, the trip to Tosa will be impossible to resist.

Firefly Bar & Grill
7754 Harwood Avenue, Wauwatosa

10 Days in Tosa
Sept. 10-19


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