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By Kerry Burke
Communications Assistant
VISIT Milwaukee

As a communications major in college, you just don’t have time to take courses like Anatomy & Physiology. That’s why I was absolutely fascinated to learn about the complexity of that marvelous machine – our human body – on a recent trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The Milwaukee Public Museum’s latest exhibit “Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life” not only teaches you how all the working parts of your body function together but also how to keep your body strong and healthy with lots of educational factoids displayed along your route.

“Body Worlds” uses more than 200 plastinates - preserved, real human bodies - consisting of individual organs to demonstrate the “arc of aging,” following the human body through each stage of life, from a fetus to old age. You’ll even see a plastinate that demonstrates various surgical procedures, including the insertion of a pacemaker and pins and plates to mend a broken bone.

Just walking through this exhibit, I was amazed at what I saw and realized how little I knew about the human body! Did you know that your left lung is smaller than your right or that the capillaries in your lungs would extend 994 miles if you laid them all out?

Towards the end of the exhibit is the Centennial Village, a feature focusing on geographic clusters around the world where the longest living people live.

Even if you saw “Body Worlds” the first time it was in Milwaukee a few years ago, this version is certainly worth a visit. Over 40 million people worldwide have been intrigued and educated through Dr. Gunther von Hagen's creations. Will you be one of them?

The exhibit is on display through June 15.

Finding Your Inner Foodie at the Public Market

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

By Rachel Berkowitz
Millennial on the Move
VISIT Milwaukee

It’s official. I’m sick of winter.

I grew up in Minnesota, have gone to school at Marquette for three years and even I cannot handle the bitter cold we’ve been experiencing. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, though—I think any Midwesterner is allowed to complain when the wind-chill reaches -17°.

My breaking point didn’t come until I realized I was wearing Ugg boots, Toasti Toes, two jackets, earmuffs, a scarf, mittens and Under Armour leggings just to make it a mere three blocks to class. That was when I knew it was time to switch it up and find something, ANYTHING to get me through this miserable winter.

I started to make a list of things in Milwaukee that I have never tried. My significant other hopped on board, and signed us up for a cooking class at the Public Market—it would be the first thing to check off on my new list of Winter Blues-Beating Adventures.

The Milwaukee Public Market is one of my favorite places in Milwaukee, yet I had no idea how many great cooking classes they offer on a monthly basis. A typical class costs $29, and a few of the hands-on classes ring up at $89.

As an avid carnivore, I was ridiculously excited about the “Indoor-Smoking” class. Our instructor was Chef Becca, and she was terrific. She skillfully guided us through the day’s menu of smoky romesco sauce with grilled scallions, Asian-tea smoked BBQ wings, cedar planked salmon with maple glaze, and an applewood smoked crème brûlée.

The entire room gave a collective, affectionate sigh when the oven’s scents drifted throughout the room. It was the smell of a true summer cookout, and the kitchen’s warm temperatures helped give it an authentic feeling.

We were able to take notes and watch the process by means of the intimate space, as well as the screens that gave an over-head view of her countertop. Throughout the class, assistants to Chef Becca would bring out plated versions of the course she had just prepared. We left that day with happy, full stomachs and a packet of detailed recipes.

I can’t guarantee that I have the resources to whip out some cedar-planked salmon in my apartment on campus, but the memories of the awesome afternoon will tide me over until spring.

If you’re interested in a cooking class at the Public Market, make sure to check out their website and class schedule. As for me, I’m on to the next item on my list. This week I’m planning on scoping out a great wine-filled happy hour downtown.

Until next time—stay warm (or really, just as warm as possible).

Sweeten Up Your Valentine’s Day Plans With Some Milwaukee Romance

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By Kerry Burke
Communications Assistant
VISIT Milwaukee

Treat yourself and your someone special to a night out at one of Milwaukee’s romantic restaurants and night-time hotspots. From aphrodisiacs to set the mood to a nightcap with stunning views, romance is definitely on the menu this year.

French Kisses
Have dinner at Milwaukee’s most romantic restaurant, Lake Park Bistro. The authentic French cuisine, superior service, warm bistro ambience and magnificent views from atop a bluff in Lake Park will have the ladies swooning in no time.

Take a trip to the most romantic city in the world without purchasing the plane ticket! Located in the charming Wauwatosa village, Le Rêve Patisserie and Café is acclaimed for its traditional French fare, delectable desserts and romantic setting. Tres magnifique!

With its cozy size and Parisian décor, you’ll feel like you’re in a French eatery at Coquette Café. With its provincial French wine, exclusively brewed French ale and varied menu, Coquette has the perfect balance of casual and classy.

Aphrodisiac Overload
Milwaukee’s Harbor House, the only restaurant on the shore of Lake Michigan with breathtaking views of downtown Milwaukee, serves up the most famous aphrodisiac of them all, oysters. Split one of their many oyster dishes, order a bottle of fine wine and let the evening take its course.

Load up on an Asian aphrodisiac at Kanpai, a restaurant specializing in Japanese fusion located in the Historic Third Ward. Known for its delicious sushi rolls, it will be offering an elaborate 5-course plated meal & drinks on Valentine’s Day.

After dinner, awaken your senses with a sampling of truffles from herbal and spicy to sweet and fruity at Indulge on stylish Milwaukee Street. An accompanying pour from the Flirty, Frisky, Sassy, Alluring, Sensuous or Luscious wine lists will have you well on your way to a memorable evening.

Lovely Libations
Take in the best views in the city and heat things up at Blu, the swanky, 23rd floor lounge in the Pfister Hotel. Treat yourself to one of its “Valentine Potions” like the Naughty Night Cap Martini, French Kiss Martini or She’s All Mine.

Share a Tiki Love Bowl with your love at At Random, a dimly lit, intimate bar in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood that serves up only specialty drinks. The two sharing the Tiki Love Bowl must hold hands and make a wish before blowing out the flaming lemon at the center of the bowl, and all their dreams are said to come true.

End your evening with a night cap at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, a Milwaukee institution since 1938 that is still making headlines, including being named the “Best Bar in America” by Esquire Magazine. Order up your classic cocktail by describing your mood and head upstairs to the Velvet Lounge where the lush red walls will have you cozying up in no time.

5 Must-Have Apps for Milwaukeeans

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Monday, February 3, 2014

By Jennifer Posh
Marketing Assistant
VISIT Milwaukee


iOS, Android

Looking to conquer the city? With Dun, you have access to lists showing you the best of Milwaukee with everything from the best places to get a fish fry to the "100 things you have to do in Milwaukee." Check off each item as you complete it and keep checking back for new lists. Great for the completist or anyone looking for more great restaurants, attractions, and hot spots in the city!

Milwaukee Gas Light App

iOS (Android in progress)

Every Milwaukeean knows you can get a quick forecast by looking to the sky – just check the light atop the Wisconsin Gas Light Building! Now you can get your weather update from the flame on your phone. And don’t worry – if you leave the city, the app will give you the forecast for your current location, accompanied by that historic light in the appropriate color.

When the flame is red, it's warm weather ahead!
When the flame is gold, watch out for cold!
When the flame is blue, there's no change in view!
When there's a flickering flame, expect snow or rain!

Perfect for anyone who wants a little hometown flair with their weather report.


iOS, Android, Blackberry

Dining in Milwaukee is an adventure. With so many places to try, you want to be able to make reservations as easily as possible. Many Milwaukee restaurants use OpenTable, and with this app you can browse local restaurants, instantly make free reservations, and even get directions to your restaurant of choice. A must-have for foodies in Brew City.

Sunburst MKE

iOS & Android

Enjoy local Milwaukee radio with this app! You can currently stream 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, WUWM, and WMSE to your mobile device. Great for music lovers who want a local twist to their tunes.

Taxi Magic

iOS & Android

Take transit into your own hands! With the Taxi Magic app, you can summon a taxi or schedule one for later, track your cab as it comes your way, then pay directly through your phone. Focus on experiencing the best Milwaukee has to offer without worrying about how to catch a ride home - perfect for visitors, the carless, and those looking to enjoy the nightlife.