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I’m In:  Valentine’s Day

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By Jeannine Sherman
Director of Public Relations
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I’m In

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Daily Beast shows Milwaukee some serious affection, including it among its 50 Best Cities for Love. This popular website published by Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, “ranks the cities where love’s promise is most profound, from abundant singles to happy couples to romantic ambience.”

Air kisses, Tina!

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, traveled to Italy, India and Indonesia to find a soulmate. Maybe a passport to romance was closer to home than she imagined. Gilbert, in town for a recent book signing, says of Milwaukee "It's on my Top Five of the big-shocker cities that if you're not from around there you have no idea how cool they are. The place is fantastic. I could totally see living there. The architecture. The magnitude of these deep industrial buildings being repurposed and the lake. I'm a big fan."

Thanks, Elizabeth! And I could totally see Milwaukee as the setting for your next New York Times bestseller! Call me for a city tour. I’ve got connections.

 I’m not surprised these ladies are crushin’ on my home town. Think about it. It’s actually got all the qualities people lie about so they can score a date in the first place.

We’re naturally beautiful. Those photos on the web site? Those are really Milwaukee. We’re not putting up pics of some other city just to get you to come here and then you find yourself standing in the middle of a brownfield. We’ve got a Great Lake for a backyard! And a river running right through the middle of downtown! Travel & Leisure loves our RiverWalk so much they ranked it third among their Top Ten Coolest River Walks in the U.S.

    We’re easy – in a good way. Forbes Magazine named us second on the list of America’s Most Relaxed Cities. We beat out other large metros because of a healthy balance between work and life. Let’s be honest. This is important. Who wants to hang with someone who’s uptight all the time?

We’re entertaining. Men’s Health named Milwaukee number four on its “10 Best Places to Party in the U.S.” list - right after Las Vegas, New York City and Miami. It makes perfect sense. We gave the world its largest music festival, Summerfest, and an impressive lineup of the nation’s biggest ethnic fests. And we practically invented beer.


I have absolutely no proof to back up that last statement. Although travel web site TripAdvisor ranked Lakefront Brewery number four in the nation on its list of Top Brewery Tours. That’s gotta count for something. 

We’re textured – a quick stroll through downtown reveals a place with a lot of personality. I think the New York Times pretty much nailed it.  “The area still appreciates its beer and bratwurst: delis carry a mind-boggling variety of sausage, and bars are known to have 50-plus brands of brew. But Milwaukee also has 95 miles of bike lanes, lush parks lacing the shores of Lake Michigan and a revitalized riverfront where sophisticated shops coexist within sight of the city’s industrial past.”

We’re real, which means we don’t put on airs. We know when to mind our p’s and q’s, and when to loosen up a button or three. That’s why we’re home to what web site Virtualtourist calls the Sexiest Building in the World, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion. Check out this love letter: “it’s somewhere between a glorious yacht, a graceful dove and a modern dancer.” It even rocked the world of Hollywood director Michael Bay, earning a starring role in his next Transformers movie. That’s big-time street cred.

Naturally beautiful, easy, entertaining, textured and real. Now that sounds like the perfect match –the kind of place you could easily grow to love and that you can’t wait to share with all the people you care about.

See you soon, Valentine!


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Ipsita Saha

posted on Mar-01-2011

Its really a good article. This site is so helpful.Thanks..

Ipsita Saha

posted on Mar-01-2011

Excellent story. Keep it up.

Jo Funk

posted on Mar-04-2011

Great job. Ready for the next one.

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