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Wondering where to eat and drink in Milwaukee? With James Beard Award-winning restaurants, acclaimed microbreweries, inventive bars and a farm-to-table community that will satisfy even the most devout locavore, Milwaukee offers a place and a taste for all visitors.

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You probably know you can find soups, gourmet grilled cheese, juicy burgers, bahn mi, waffle dogs and more in Milwaukee – but did you know you can find all these delicacies on a truck?

Milwaukee’s food truck scene is diverse and booming; grabbing lunch on the go is the perfect option when you’re hopping between downtown attractions and want a taste of the city without the sit-down time.

The biggest challenge for both locals and travelers who want to explore food trucks is where to find them. When a restaurant is on the move without a permanent address, it can be tough to track it down – not so in Milwaukee! You’ll find a variety food trucks at almost every summer event in the city, from free outdoor concerts to street festivals to farmers markets. They also tend to gather in the same places during lunchtime - you'll almost always find food trucks on Wisconsin Avenue in front of the US Bank building during weekday lunch, or try Food Truck Friday near Red Arrow Park; if you're looking for a specific truck, the best way to find them is by checking their Twitter to see where they're headed that day!

Try one of these great Milwaukee food trucks while you’re in town. (Please remember that food trucks operate on a seasonal basis!)

  • Marco Pollo – international chicken dishes
  • Double B's BBQ - barbecue
  • Meat on the Street – Filipino cuisine
  • YellowBellies – rotisserie chicken sandwiches
  • Five Star Nacho – nachos
  • Falafel Guys – falafel
  • Burgermeister – burgers
  • Streetza Pizza – pizza by the slice
  • Velspresso – coffee and pastries
  • Gouda Girls – grilled cheese and other sandwiches
  • Oscars on a Roll – burgers
  • Press - Belgian Liège waffles
  • Rolling Cones - bread cones w/ meat & vegetarian fillings
  • Blue Cow Crepes - sweet & savory crepes
  • Punjabi Accent MKE - Indian buffet


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