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DearMKE presents: “ALL IN THE FAMILY”

Meet Harley-Davidson vice president and grandson of the founder Bill Davidson for a personal trip through the history of the legendary motorcycle company from its humble origins to its massively influential cultural phenomenon present. A film Directed by Milwaukee Filmmaker, Sam Macon with music by Milwaukee musician Chris Rosenau from Collections of Colonies of Bees.

Harley-Davidson is an American icon. Actually, it’s an international icon, setting trends around the world for decades. The company is a renowned brand, and now trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

But its roots were humble. It all started with a failed experiment by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson to build a motor-bicycle — but the prototype couldn’t climb the hills in and around their base, Milwaukee. They tried again with a larger motor, built in the Davidson family’s back yard, and it worked. This was the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle on record — in 1903.

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