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Milwaukee Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys

The Bloody Mary is no joke in Milwaukee. A limp stick of celery as a garnish? Not here. This iconic brunch beverage is turned up to eleven at Milwaukee eateries, topped with everything from mini-burgers to bacon, lobster claws to sushi rolls and everything in between. Grab one of Milwaukee’s most outrageous Bloodys at these popular spots.

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Join the late actor Kumar Pallana from multiple Wes Anderson movies on the quest to cook the perfect somosa with La Merenda chef Peter Sandroni.

Kumar and Peter travel around Milwaukee from El Rey to the Asian International Market, Viet Hoa, Gloriosos Deli, European Homemade Sausage, and beyond to gather ingredients for their somosas.

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Farm to Table

We’ve got farm-to-table. We’ve got roof-to-table. When you eat local in Milwaukee, everywhere from food trucks to fine dining, your food is closer than you think. Milwaukee chefs are leading a growing “locavore” movement with unstoppable momentum.The skills of these creative culinary masters guarantees that “back to basics” is anything but.

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