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Milwaukee Riverwalk District Membership

RiverWalk Membership
The Milwaukee Riverwalk District is a not-for-profit corporation of Wisconsin whose membership consists of property owners, businesses, organizations and individuals within the District.

The members of the Milwaukee Riverwalk District have a common goal – revitalizing and improving downtown Milwaukee. The MRD has been at the forefront of a significant transformation of the downtown Milwaukee River corridor, including the building of the Milwaukee RiverWalk.

MRD directly sponsors or provides supporting sponsorships for a variety of events and special programs within the District, such as Milwaukee River Challenge, RiverRhythms, RiverSculpture and RiverFlicks. It also works closely with other local organizations on beautification and improvement of the RiverWalk, including permanent artwork installations and Wayfinding signage.

Our contributions have helped make Milwaukee's downtown one of the most talked about in the country. The RiverWalk has received many awards, including the National League of Cities James Howland Award for Urban Enhancement, the International Downtown Association's Award of Merit for Physical Improvement, and an Honor Award from the Waterfront Center in Washington, D.C.

While much as been done, the potential to build on these successes is unlimited and we need your help. Please join us in creating the vibrant downtown that is vital to Milwaukee's future by becoming a member of MRD. There are several levels of membership and many opportunities to be a part of projects that will benefit the downtown area, the millions of people who visit the District each year and the property owners, institutions and businesses within the District. For questions, or more information on becoming a member of the Milwaukee Riverwalk District, please contact:

Contact the Milwaukee Riverwalk District

Milwaukee Riverwalk District
101 W. Pleasant St., Ste. 204
Milwaukee, WI 53212
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