Milwaukee is home to a thriving local artist scene, epitomized by the frequent Gallery Nights & Days that happen across the city and include over 40 local galleries, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, and outdoor venues. Hundreds of local artists are able to display and sell their creations – everything from wall art to wearable art is included in these community-wide events. Whether officially sponsored or just a neighborhood pop-up, if you are lucky enough to be in town during one of these creative celebrations, do not miss it. And of course, Milwaukee is home to dozens of locally-owned galleries across the city who are happy to welcome you anytime.

Tune in to local radio on 88.9FM while you're in Milwaukee

The BoDeans, Violent Femmes, and Fever Marlene all got their start in Milwaukee, and today’s local music scene is alive and rocking (and rapping!). Locally-owned radio station 88Nine Radio Milwaukee features local musicians and performers and in its 10+ years, has helped launch careers like Leon Bridges, New Age Narcissism, GGOOLLDD, and Field Report. You can tune in to 88.9 FM to listen to what locals like, or 414Music.FM to hear some of Milwaukee’s top talent. Or, head there for live music on Thursday nights in the 88Nine studio in the Walker’s Point neighborhood.

Milwaukee’s maker culture is helping drive the creative economy with new inventions, ideas, games, and innovations. These engineers, artists, scientists, and crafters are on the cutting edge of cool and creative and their ideas are getting picked up by forward-thinking companies and organizations. Milwaukee’s Maker Faire is a free event held each year in September, but you can always find one of these out-of-the-box thinkers ready to show you the next great idea any time you are in town at one of Milwaukee’s Makers Markets, a monthly art, craft and maker fair held in Bay View from May through September. Vendors include seasoned crafters and hobbyists, artists, freelance designers, performance artists, small business owners online and off, weekend warriors, and full-time makers.

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