Ramen may be centuries old but it has new life in Milwaukee. Try Red Light Ramen, owned and operated by James Beard chef Justin Carlisle. (The James Beard Awards are like the Oscars but for food and much more delicious.) This local favorite is open late and also serves delightfully boozey slushies. 

Restaurant Supported Agriculture Braise

Restaurant Supported Agriculture


We’ve all heard of farm to table, but in Milwaukee, we prefer roof to table dining. At Braise, a local hot spot owned by James Beard chef Dave Swanson, many of the herbs, vegetables, and fruits on your table were grown on site atop the restaurant’s Walker’s Point location. In fact, Swanson has developed the concept of Restaurant Supported Agriculture in Milwaukee, where local restaurants join together to source from local food producers and area farms, making local products more easily accessible to the whole restaurant community. So the hops that were used in that beer were grown in a local garden, the brats were seasoned with spices harvested from the roof, and cheese you are eating was made down the street, with milk from the cows at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Bittercube is Milwaukee’s premier bitters manufacturer and uses only natural sourced ingredients with no extracts or oils. It has become so popular since its start in 2009 that Bittercube now creates bitters by the gallons and partners with area bars and restaurants to use Bittercube bitters in their dishes. They even offer trainings and tastings at their Bay View location.

Beer Gardens


Beer Gardens

Whether it's on tap, in bottles, cans or kegs, beer is what "Made Milwaukee Famous." From legendary German brewers Blatz, Pabst, Schlitz and Miller to modern craft brew masters, Milwaukee's beer heritage and culture continues. With over 30 craft breweries, plus Miller, one of the country's largest breweries, Milwaukee offers something for every beer drinker. This includes drinking alfresco at our beer gardens, which have been operating in local parks since 2012. They're the perfect activity for the whole family.