Grace Lubinski - Fun
Indulging in a Spotted Cow at Roundhouse Beer Garden

Grace Lubinski

Creative Services Intern

What year did you start at VISIT Milwaukee?


What makes working at VISIT Milwaukee special?

Working at VISIT Milwaukee can often times feel more like play rather than work! Getting to highlight all the amazing businesses and events around our city makes me feel apart of something bigger than a single organization.

What is something fun about you?

I'm a self-proclaimed foodie, so I love checking out all the amazing dining spots around the city! Yes, that means no touching your food until I get a picture...(working at VM doesn't help this cause). When I'm not out to eat, I'm most likely getting creative and exploring new art forms.

What do you consider a "can't miss" Milwaukee experience?

Milwaukee has a great second-hand fashion scene! I love taking my friends to pop-up events like 414 Flea, that occur every so often. It's a great opportunity to support small businesses, shop sustainably and it's often paired with food trucks!

If you could only eat one Milwaukee staple food forever, what would it be?

Clock Shadow Cheese Curds!