Margaret Weiner - Fun
My friend and I got the opportunity to meet one of our favorite bands at Summerfest!

Margaret Weiner

Communications Intern

What year did you start at VISIT Milwaukee?


What makes working at VISIT Milwaukee special?

I love working at VISIT Milwaukee because I get to share and invite others into a city I find so special and have the privilege of calling “home.”

What is something fun about you?

I love to cook and bake! My favorite thing to cook is curry and I love baking and creating new scone variations. Most recently I made a chocolate chai scone!

What do you consider a "can't miss" Milwaukee experience?

Summerfest! There is something so special about experiencing live music with friends, and with so many artists everyone is sure to find something they enjoy!

If you could only eat one Milwaukee staple food forever, what would it be?

Not necessarily a food staple, but I love Colectivo! The food is great and I especially love the Windy Ci-Tea!