a man taking a photo with a mascot on the floor of a basketball arena
Celebrating the World Champion Milwaukee Bucks with my friend Bango at the Fiserv Forum!

Tony Snell

Visitor Experience Manager

What year did you start at VISIT Milwaukee?

I began my journey with VISIT Milwaukee in 2015 as a volunteer and later transitioned to a staff role in 2017, allowing me to contribute actively to the city's vibrant cultural scene and tourism efforts.

What makes working at VISIT Milwaukee special?

Working at VISIT Milwaukee is truly special because of the people. Our team is a diverse and passionate group who share a common goal: showcasing the vibrant and dynamic city of Milwaukee to the world. From the moment you join our team, you'll be welcomed into a supportive and collaborative environment that values creativity, innovation, and a strong sense of community.

What is something fun about you?

Something fun about me is that I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and Spain, while my husband hails from China. This dynamic mix creates an exciting multicultural environment in our household. We are fortunate to speak the top three languages in the world - English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese - which allows us to effortlessly communicate across various cultures. Our shared passion for travel and multicultural experiences has led us on incredible journeys around the globe. From embracing the vibrant traditions of Spain to delving into the rich heritage of China, we are avid explorers of the world's diversity. What truly makes this experience special is how we've created a microcosm of global connections right at home. The fusion of languages, traditions, and backgrounds in our family is a constant reminder of the beauty of human connections. It's not just about languages; it's about celebrating the multitude of ways people experience and express their lives. Our household is a living testament to the power of cross-cultural understanding and the joy of discovering new facets of our interconnected world.

What do you consider a "can't miss" Milwaukee experience?

A "can't-miss" Milwaukee experience is visiting America's Black Holocaust Museum. This important institution stands as a powerful testament to both the resilience of the human spirit and the need to confront history's most painful chapters. America's Black Holocaust Museum is dedicated to educating visitors about the history of African Americans, particularly the struggles, achievements, and injustices they have faced throughout history. The museum provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking exploration of the African American experience, including the horrors of slavery, the civil rights movement, and ongoing efforts to combat racism. In a city with a rich cultural heritage, America's Black Holocaust Museum stands out as a beacon of education, empathy, and unity. It's an experience that can't be missed for anyone seeking to engage with the complexities of history and the ongoing struggle for equality and social justice.

If you could only eat one Milwaukee staple food forever, what would it be?

Custard would be my top pick for a Milwaukee staple food to savor endlessly!