New Sculpture to Replace the Bronze Fonz

VISIT Milwaukee is excited to announce the upcoming installation of a new iconic landmark along the Milwaukee River. Replacing the Bronze Fonz, visitors from across the country will soon make their way to Milwaukee to witness the majesty of The Bronze Bean. 

Drawing inspiration from the recent installation in New York City, The Bronze Bean is a new spin on a timeless classic. Available to the general public year-round, the bean will stand along the riverfront as a welcome mat to visitors and locals alike. Unlike the beans in Chicago and, now New York City, Milwaukee’s latest installation will not have mirrored surface. Covered with a fine lacquer, The Bronze Bean will remain free from fingerprints and preserved from the elements while creating stunning, Instagrammable views of the Milwaukee cityscape. 

The Bronze Bean will stand at 14 feet tall and 40 feet long, the current site of the Bronze Fonz on the Milwaukee RiverWalk. After watching over the city for 15 years, the well-known life-sized bronze statue of “Happy Days” character Arthur Fonzarelli will be cast anew. To cut costs the statue will be repurposed and melted down for The Bronze Bean.  

A sculpture of this size typically costs between $7 and $9 million. However, the cost of materials will be significantly defrayed thanks to the materials provided by the Fonz.  

The piece was commissioned by an artist who would like to remain anonymous. However, they have shared with us that if you look at the sculpture from just the right angle, you can still see the warm smile and the Fonz’s iconic two thumbs-up gesture.  

The size of the bean and the site along the river make the installation of the public work unique. To accomplish the project, the Bronze Bean must be airlifted via helicopter and placed very carefully in the desired location.  

The Bronze Bean will open to the public on April 1, 2023. Use the hashtag #BronzeBeanMKE and tag us on social with your photo with the new sculpture! 

Out with the old, in with the new. There’s no need to go to Chicago anymore! Chicago has a bean, now Milwaukee does too. 

**Today is April Fool’s Day. No information provided in this article is factual. The Bronze Fonz and his two thumbs raised to the heavens will remain where he is, a glinting greeter in Milwaukee’s downtown. Happy April Fool’s Day**