Bar Dice


The rattle of dice, the slap of leather hitting wood: if these sounds greet you when you enter a Milwaukee bar, congratulations! You’ve just stumbled upon a game of bar dice.

Bar dice isn’t exclusive to Milwaukee or Wisconsin, but it seems to have remained more popular here than in other states. Odds are good that any corner bar you stop into will have a cup of dice set aside just waiting for someone to come and play.

The rules of bar dice can vary from bar to bar, but you can count on these things: there will be a cup, there will be five dice, and the loser buys a round of shots! If you're curious, ask the bartender for a game - they'll be able to explain any house rules.

Milwaukeeans are infamously friendly and eager to help visitors - if you see (and hear) a game of bar dice while you're here, head over to the bar and give it a try! It's an old school tradition that still holds a warm place in the hearts of many locals.

Bastion of Bar Dice