Iconic Beverages


Heading into town and looking to relax with a cool drink? Familiarize yourself with these iconic local beverages, and you’ll never be thirsty in Milwaukee. Cheers!


No surprises here. The beer barons started it way back when, and locals still love a good brew. We brew it all right here from macro to micro, craft, gluten-free, fruit-based and everything in between.

Bloody Mary & Beer Back

A limp stick of celery? Please. Bloody Marys here come topped with anything and everything, including an entire fried chicken. Act like a local and order the beer chaser.

Bloody Mary

Old Fashioned

We’ve been drinking these long before Don Draper made them cool again. The Wisconsin version is made with brandy instead of whiskey. Try it – you’ll like it.

Sprecher Root Beer

The New York Times’ pick for the country’s best root beer? Yeah, we brew that too. You’ve never had root beer this smooth, and it’s sweetened by Wisconsin clover honey.


The ideal brunch beverage for the devoted beer lover. Mixing beer with orange juice magically makes it appropriate to drink before noon. You’re welcome.