Ask a Local: Russ Klisch


Who better to guide beer aficionados through Milwaukee's beer scene than a dedicated home brewer who turned his passion into a thriving business? Russ Klisch founded Lakefront Brewery with his brother Jim. Sibling rivalry over who could create the best homebrew led to the creation of one of Milwaukee's most beloved craft breweries.

What makes Milwaukee a great city for beer fans?

Milwaukee is the only U.S. city that has a rich history of both heritage breweries and cutting-edge craft breweries. You can not only drink beer in Milwaukee, but you can also learn how it is made, visit historic beer sites and see how our breweries helped develop a fantastic city. Great beer goes with a great experience, and in Milwaukee you will always find a great beer to go along with our restaurants, festivals and sporting events. The Germans brought over a rich beer culture and we are continually adding to it today.

Where are your favorite places to grab a beer in Milwaukee?

Wolski’s, Stubby’s and Regano’s Roman Coin.

What else would you like to share with Milwaukee visitors?

London has its pubs, Paris has its cafes, but Milwaukee has the corner bar. That is, the largest selection of world class corner bars in the world. Please visit some, and you will experience Milwaukee’s true heritage.

Tied House Tavern Town
Tie one on

Many of Milwaukee's corner taverns were once "tied" by exclusive contract to one of the city's breweries

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