Marquette Basketball: What To Know Before You Go

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Without a varsity football team, Marquette University students and alumni pour their support, enthusiasm, and fandom into their NCAA Big East Basketball team. The Golden Eagles take over the court at the new Fiserv Forum, the same court the Milwaukee Bucks play on. With tickets available to the public, taking in a Marquette basketball game is a great family activity, but what are the things you should know before you go? Follow this list, and you’ll be an honorary Golden Eagle in no time!

Marquette Basketball has been a Marquette tradition for over 100 years.

In that time, they’ve experienced an NCAA Championship, an NIT Championship, 48 post-season appearances, 32 NCAA tournament appearances, and three trips to the Final Four. They are ranked in the top 50 all-time in overall victories, have five National Coach of the Year honorees, and have produced 57 NBA draft picks. It’s a tradition of excellence.

Make sure you don some blue and gold.

Marquette actually has its own color palette – “Marquette Blue” and “Marquette Gold” are real Pantone colors. If you don’t have a chance to check out The Spirit Shop in Marquette’s Alumni Memorial Union before the game, make sure you’re at least rocking the correct colors!

They sing two songs – “Hail Alma Mater” and “Ring Out Ahoya.”

Before the game begins, alumni will wrap their arms around one another as they sway back and forth, singing the University Anthem: “Hail Alma Mater.” Throughout the game, you’ll hear the fight song. Clap along while the fans “Ring Out Ahoya” and join in on the cheer at the end. Gooooo Marquette! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Make your own confetti.

Join in the fun of the student section, who will be tearing up newspaper and programs before the game. They hold onto it until the Golden Eagles make their first basket when they throw it up in the air and shower the audience in confetti. It’s never too early to celebrate a Marquette basket!

Jump around.

Marquette fans know him as “Jump Around Guy.” Look out for this Marquette alumnus and enthusiastic season ticket holder on the JumboTron when everyone’s favorite pump-up anthem comes on.


Look over to the student section and you’ll see giant faces of celebrities, characters, and occasionally opposing players. These giant heads have been featured on “SportsCenter,” “Pardon The Interruption,” and other sports shows.

We Are. Marquette.

You’ll hear these words ring out throughout the stadium, as students, alumni, and fans join together to chant and clap in support of their school and team, especially at the end of a victory!