Surf Milwaukee

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Surf’s up! Milwaukee probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about hanging ten, but Lake Michigan is home to a vibrant and growing freshwater surfing scene.

On the lake, prime surfing season is actually in the winter when the wind and waves are strongest. Novices should stick to the comparatively mild water and weather in September, but advanced surfers will get a thrill riding the frigid swells. Lake Effect Surfshop, Milwaukee’s only surf shop, offers equipment for sale or rent so you can try out that “Wiloha” lifestyle. (Coined by the owners of Lake Effect and described as “aloha with a Wisconsin twist.”)

Each year, Surfrider Milwaukee celebrates the Lake Michigan surfing scene with Surf @water, a day of sun, fun, and surf on Milwaukee’s Atwater Beach. Stop by for surf and SUP lessons, music, beach yoga, and more, then end the day with a surf-themed film festival on the beach.

Milwaukee’s freshwater surfing scene is a well-kept secret – for now! Don’t miss the chance to explore surfing on the Fresh Coast.

On the Water

Whether it's hanging ten or just hanging out, there are so many ways to enjoy the water in Milwaukee. The coast of Lake Michigan is dotted with beaches, parks, marinas, and more, and three rivers flowing through and around downtown only add to the fun.

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