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If a person goes on an awesome vacation but doesn’t post about it on Instagram, did it really happen? Better to play it safe and make sure you get some great photos during your trip to Milwaukee! Here’s some recommendations for can’t-miss shots while you’re in Milwaukee, with a little help from the photographers of DearMKE.

The Milwaukee Art Museum


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It’s a favorite for a reason! The striking Santiago Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the city’s most iconic and photogenic buildings.



Historic Architecture 


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If clean, modern lines aren’t your thing, you’re in luck – Milwaukee is filled with beautiful historic buildings just waiting to be captured by your lens.




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What’s not to love about public art? Murals and outdoor sculptures give a city a personality all its own. Milwaukee’s RiverWalk is lined with sculptures and you’ll find colorful murals adorning buildings throughout the city.


Lake Michigan


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Milwaukee is right on the coast of Lake Michigan, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get some great nature shots without having to leave the city. From sailboats drifting serenly across the horizon to waves crashing on the shore, this Great lake is always an inspiring subject.



Hoan Bridge


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The golden Hoan Bridge that stretches across the harbor is another favorite photo spot, especially at sunset.




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Ah yes, the classic food shot. Even if you’re not usually the kind of person who refuses to take a bite of your meal until you get the perfect shot, it’s still worth your time to get a snapshot of some local delicacies like custard or cheese curds.



Check out DearMKE.com to see more photos from locals showing off their Milwaukee pride – you’ll get some great inspiration from these talented local photographers! And make sure to share your own Milwaukee adventures with #VisitMKE.

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