Get Involved

Nearly half of all Wisconsin jobs are from small business and hospitality and they need your help.

  • Contact your elected officials and ask them for help for the small business and hospitality/tourism industry.
  • Your message can be simple - share your own statistics and anecdotes about decreases in visitation, cancellations, layoffs, reduced hours, reduced room occupancy or anything else that can help communicate the impact the coronavirus is having on you.
  • Be sure to tag your member of Congress—you can find their handles here.
  • Want to go one step farther? Write a letter to the editor of your local media. Here’s a sample letter you can edit.

Thanks! And don’t forget to support our local Milwaukee area businesses by making online orders, buying gift cards, or making a donation

Help those in need

The Red Cross is in desperate need of blood. Please consider donating today

Donate Today!

If you are in need of food assistance or are able to donate to a local food bank, please contact the Hunger Task Force.

Hunger Task Force

The MKE United, the Greater Milwaukee Committee, and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation have started the MKE Responds Fund to address emergency needs of non-profits in our community, particularly those that provide basic needs and medical services. You can donate or apply for funding on their website.

MKE Responds Fund