Summer Events

Milwaukee comes alive in the summer, and you'll feel the energy from sports and games at the lakefront to rooftop concert series. This is festival season, and there's a different festival or street party happening just about every weekend - sometimes more than one!

Start planning your great Milwaukee summer.

Summer Guide

Autumn Events

Milwaukee's vibrant performing arts scene launches new seasons in the fall, filling the calendar with concerts, plays, and more. There are still plenty of races and sporting events, as well as a wide range of culinary events (for those of you with absolutely no interest in racing).

Check out everything there is to do in autumn in Milwaukee.

Autumn Guide

Winter Events

The temperatures may drop during the winter, but that doesn't mean the fun stops! Winter in Milwaukee brings with it outdoor music festivals, a vibrant winter farmer's market, craft fairs, holidays celebrations, and more.

Start planning your winter adventure in Milwaukee!

Winter Guide

Spring Events

When spring comes and the snow starts to melt, it's time to get outside! Because the weather can be uncertain, many events will still be hosted inside, and it's a great time to explore floral exhibitions, gallery openings, but you'll start to see more and more races, walks, and outdoor events beginning again.

Check out everything there is to do in Milwaukee in spring.

Spring Guide