Food Halls


Combine the convenience and flexibility of a food court with quality, local foods and you have a food hall! More than a grab-n-go meal while shopping, these food halls are destinations.

Milwaukee Public Market

Milwaukee Public Market With unique, high-quality selections of artisan goods and freshly prepared foods, you’re sure to enjoy shopping the independent merchants of this Historic Third Ward market.

Crossroads Collective

Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s trendy East Side neighborhood, this food hall is home to local food vendors ranging from fresh, made-to-order pasta at Egg & Flour Pasta Bar to authentic BBQ at Heaven's Table. All vendors share a full service bar, and, if you know where to look, you might even find a speakeasy tucked away in a back alley…

Sherman Phoenix

A place of unrest has been transformed into a place of support and community in this north side neighborhood. Sherman Phoenix provides quality commercial space to entrepreneurs of color, including several food vendors. Try Funky Fresh Spring Rolls or Lush Popcorn’s delicious gourmet popcorn flavors. 

Zócalo Food Park

Milwaukee's first and only food truck park is more than just new culinary concepts – it's a community promoting inclusivity and the exchange of ideas. Visit often for events, rotating food trucks and the vibrant tavern, making the city's best Paloma. The large outdoor courtyard is a great place for big groups. 

3rd Street Market Hall

This forthcoming food hall is at the center of the reinvention of a downtown mall into The Avenue, home to historic office spaces, apartments, and more. 3rd Street Market Hall is expected to house 14 food vendors offering burgers and custard, sushi, craft doughnuts, and more. Some food options will be new ventures from notable local chefs, while others are the first permanent location for culinary entrepreneurs. 

North Avenue Market

North Avenue Market is the latest addition to the city's robust food hall scene. Located on the border of Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, the two-level space offers live entertainment, games, and a perfect gathering place for any occasion.