Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in Giving Fest?

Plan a virtual event! All events must be held between January 15 and February 28, include a ticketed/donation/fundraising element, be held virtually, and last at least 30 minutes. Post your event to Milwaukee365.com starting at 8 a.m. on January 15. That’s it! There is no cost to participate.

How do I upload to Milwaukee 365?

You can sign up for a free Milwaukee365 account here. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the site in advance

Do I have to donate the funds I receive?

No! You keep any revenue or donations that you receive.

What if I want to offer a free virtual event?

Events must be ticketed or involve a donation or fundraising element to be eligible for Giving Fest.

Can I partner with another business?

Yes! Collaboration is encouraged. (Please note that if two or more businesses partner on an event, that event is still only eligible for a single $1,000 prize.)

How many events can I enter?

You are welcome to host as many events during Giving Fest as you would like, but only one event per business qualifies for $1,000.

What if I own multiple properties?

Ownership groups can receive up to $5,000 (one $1,000 prize per business for up to five businesses).

Do I need to mention Giving Fest in my event listing?

No - any virtual events that are listed on Milwaukee365’s event calendar that take place between January 15 – February 28 will be included as part of Giving Fest.

What if no one signs up for my event – do I still get the $1,000?

While we hope that every event successfully brings in additional funds, the $1,000 will be awarded as long as you host your event, regardless of participation.

I’m not a VISIT Milwaukee partner – can I still participate?

Yes! Any business located in Milwaukee County is eligible to participate. (All VISIT Milwaukee partners are eligible, regardless of location.)

How will VISIT Milwaukee share my event with people?

 VISIT Milwaukee is promoting Giving Fest and all of its events with a local advertising, social media, TV appearances, and more!

How do I qualify for the $5,000 giveaway?

If we surpass 50 events for Giving Fest, every business that enters and hosts an event will be automatically entered for the $5,000 giveaway. Businesses that received a $1,000 prize will also be eligible for the $5,000 giveaway.