Architecture Milwaukee

Walking tours for the architecturally curious. Explore the stores behind the buildings old and new in beautiful downtown Milwaukee.


Architecture Milwaukee grew out of Wendy Bright’s passion for her hometown and its built environment. After earning a MA in Art History with a focus on architecture and leading thousands of architecture, art, history, and cultural tours over more than two decades in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Europe, she has returned to celebrate and share the wonders of Milwaukee. Architecture Milwaukee walking tours provide a well-traveled local’s knowledgeable and affectionate perspective on her hometown.

Architecture Milwaukee tours explore the fascinating stories behind downtown buildings of every type and era . . . and of the people who created them. Our walking tours are personal, lively, and will appeal most to the curious and well-traveled. Our approach is in-depth for those who want more than just a cursory overview. All of our tours are carefully planned to be comprehensive and well-paced.

On Architecture Milwaukee walking tours, we take time to really look at buildings and streetscapes through the lens of architectural history. We also take a fresh look at Milwaukee’s history and how it has manifested in the built environment. We are all about contextualizing and connecting the dots. The walking tours are story-driven and concept rich, interactive, and relaxed. We utilize digital images along the way to take us places beyond the sidewalk.

Architecture Milwaukee walking tours for the architecturally curious. Explore the stories behind the buildings old and new in beautiful downtown Milwaukee.

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  1. A decades long, ever expanding collection fo Milwaukee history books spelled destiny.

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