CityTins® is ultimate go-to gift featuring 20+ coaster gift cards each worth $10 off your tab of $25 or more at the featured locally-owned restaurant. A $200 value in every tin for just $30.


CityTins® is an extra gifty, ultra thrifty tin chock full of value. Every edition includes 20 or more coaster gift cards, each worth $5-$10 off your tab of $25 or more at the featured locally-owned and operated venue. That’s a $100-$200+ value in every clever little tin for $30. (Use three Dine-In coasters and the tin just paid for itself.) It’s that simple.

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Things You'll Find:

  1. CityTins was founded during the Great Recession of '09 by two moms on their children's school playground.
  2. CityTins quickly became a cult classic and was named to Business Insiders "50 coolest new businesses in America" list.
  3. Now in nine markets and counting throughout the Midwest and Florida, CityTins has donated more than $450,000 back into the communities they serve through fundraisers and in-kind donations.
  4. CityTins has fielded email from Germany, New Zealand, England and New York with people wanting a tin in their city.
  5. Others reach out explaining new ways to use their tin, the best of which is a concept coined by a customer called "Tinning." Tinning is when a night on the town involves several coasters from the same tin: One venue and the corresponding coaster for drinks and apps. Another for entrees. A third venue for dessert and after dinner drinks and so on, from breakfast through after hours!