Menomonee River Valley

An urban escape, nature & trails, one-of-a-kind entertainment in the heart of Milwaukee - enjoy baseball, kayaking, breweries & bloodies, trails, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Harley-Davidson Museum, and more!

231 W. Michigan Street, P421
Milwaukee, WI • 53203
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Catch a ballgame, learn about the Harley-Davidson legacy, improve your poker game, sample craft beers or an original Bloody Mary. Fish or kayak in the Menomonee River. Bike or run on the Hank Aaron State Trail. Enjoy an urban oasis in Three Bridges Park. Milwaukee's Menomonee River Valley was once the homeland to Native American tribes, including the Potawatomi. As the city developed into the Machine Shop of the World in the 1800s and 1900s, the Valley was its engine with hundreds of companies and thousands of jobs. A model of urban revitalization, the Valley is home to some of the largest entertainment destinations in Wisconsin and acres of green space and parks.
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Things You'll Find:

  1. The entire Valley was once a wild rice marsh and now it welcomes more than 10 million visitors per year to the Harley-Davidson Museum, Brewers games, and Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.
  2. Three Bridges Park is a 24-acre urban oasis with incredible views of train yards, downtown, and Lake Michigan. Catch a sunset over the native grasses!
  3. The rolling hills of native grasses in Three Bridges Park were built on what was once a flat vacant railyard.The hills mimic glacial formations to educate urban youth on Wisconsin’s natural topography.
  4. The Menomonee River Valley was originally a marsh and the site of wild rice fields.
  5. Now welcoming kayaks, canoes, and boats, the Menomonee River was once a liquid highway that was used to ship commercial goods and products that helped to build and power the city in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  6. “Menomonee” is derived from the Algonquin “meno,” meaning good, and “min,” a term for grain or fruit. Wild rice (menomin) once flourished in the extensive wetlands of the Valley.
  7. Home to Sobelman’s Pub & Grill and its infamous Bloody Maries—including one with an entire fried chicken!
  8. With 60 acres of park space (equivalent to 45 football fields!), 7 miles of trails, and 3 miles of Menomonee River, you can choose your own adventure down in the Valley.
  9. The Menomonee River near Three Bridges Park is a nationally-recognized salmon fishing spot.
  10. Twisted Fisherman, Milwaukee’s only beach bar, offers beachy tunes and tropical drinks.
  11. The 16th Street Viaduct was the site of open housing marches led by Father Groppi in 1967-68, symbolically crossing the racial divide of the city.
  12. The 6th Street bridges are reminiscent the famous Calatrava design of the Milwaukee Art Museum.


Menomonee River Valley

The Menomonee River Valley is home to some of the biggest names in Milwaukee: Potawatomi, Harley-Davidson, and the Milwaukee Brewers.

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