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Outwoken Tea is a catalyst in social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Opening during a pandemic has allowed us to be resilient and innovative during uncertainty.

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I've been a construction worker for close to a decade and have seen how we negatively affect our world. Our fuels and other harmful chemicals go into our water. We leave garbage everywhere without regard for wildlife. We throw away everything.

I've wondered how we can continue to keep creating more and more waste.

One day, as I stood upon a mountain of trash, an epiphany struck me . . . well . . . actually, a plastic bag struck me in the face!

This bag awoke me to how disturbing it was to see my feet buried in plastic waste. Birds and animals foraged through this plastic and choked.

It was this moment that I realized we are only one piece of the puzzle of our ecosystem, yet we affect all of it in a negative way.

And that was the start of Outwoken Tea.

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