SPIRE Fitness

SPIRE Fitness is the nation's first boutique fitness studio offering indoor cycle, rowing, and TRX in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.

102 N. Water Street
Suite D
Milwaukee, WI • 53202
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Our people, our space, and our heart create genuine connections that get people excited to sweat and adventure further than they thought they could with their workouts.

Most of our cycling, rowing and TRX classes are for all fitness levels and low impact, with options to adjust to your individual workout intensity. In our cycling classes, you control the bike's resistance o create the perfect challenge. Need a little more or a little less? Simply turn your resistance know to the right or left. In our crew classes, the resistance comes from the pressure you apply to every stroke. Our TRX classes allow you to adjust the amount of body weight applied to the movements by standing closer or further away from the anchor point. Our fitness programs allow you to take class at your own speed. Find out more about all our classes. Come be a part of our community!

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Things You'll Find:

  1. We're motivating. We believe in you.
  2. We're colorful. We bring a fresh perspective that stands out but doesn't take itself too seriously.
  3. We're adventurous. We are redefining your social scene.
  4. We're Energetic. We have genuine energy. We are the real deal.
  5. We're local. We love everyone, but we SUPER love Milwaukee.
  6. We're musical. We live for great music.
  7. We have heart. We leave it all in the studio.


Historic Third Ward

A gem of Milwaukee's downtown, the Historic Third Ward is the city's thriving arts and fashion district. This neighborhood along the Milwaukee river is as unique as its boutique shops and restaurants.

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