Bloody Marys

The Bloody Mary is no joke in Milwaukee. A limp stick of celery as a garnish? Not here. This iconic brunch beverage is turned up to 11 at Milwaukee eateries, topped with everything from mini-burgers to bacon, lobster claws to sushi rolls, and everything in between. What really gives a Bloody some Milwaukee flair isn’t what’s in it – it’s what’s on top – and what’s served next to it as a chaser. Every bartender has her own variation on the classic Bloody Mary, including at these fine establishments.

  1. AJ Bombers Milwaukee

    Bloody Mary

    AJ Bombers Milwaukee

    At AJ Bombers, your Bloody Mary is basically a burger in a glass, with mustard and “Bomber” sauce in the mix and muenster cheese wrapped in a thin burger patty (and some bacon) to top it off.

    1247 N. Water Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 221-9999
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  2. Blue's Egg Wauwatosa

    Bloody Mary

    Blue's Egg Wauwatosa

    The Blue’s Egg version comes with a thick slice of bacon, a Miller High Life shortie, and the option of using vegetable-infused vodka.

    317 N. 76th Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53213
    (414) 299-3180
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  3. County Clare

    Bloody Mary

    County Clare

    Try County Clare for some Irish flair – the garnish on this drink includes a house-pickled red potato!

    1234 N Astor St
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
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  4. Lowlands Group

    Bloody Mary

    Lowlands Group

    The Lowlands Group is famous for inventive Bloody Marys; you’ll find a variety of exclusive options on the menu at each of their five European-inspired Grand Cafes.

    Cafe Benelux
    346 N. Broadway
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 501-2500
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  5. Sobelman’s Pub and Grill is famous for their over-the-top Bloody Marys (including the Chicken Fried Bloody Beast pictured above).

    1900 W. St. Paul Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53233
    (414) 931-1919
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  6. St. Paul Fish Company

    Bloody Mary

    St. Paul Fish Company

    Home of a famous lobster dinner special, you can still get a lobster claw poking out of your Bloody when you brunch at St. Paul Fish Company in the Milwaukee Public Market.

    400 N. Water Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 220-8383
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  7. Steny's

    Bloody Mary


    This lively tavern is famous for highly drinkable Bloody Marys. You won’t find the over-the-top garnishes that Milwaukee Bloodys are known for here: the recipe for this no-nonsense Bloody hasn’t changed since the bar opened in 1985.

    800 S 2nd St
    Milwaukee, WI • 53204
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