Comfort Food

Nothing warms you up like some good ol’ fashioned comfort food, and luckily, we’ve got you covered. Check out these local spots for some of the cheesiest, gooiest, stick-to-your-ribs-iest comfort food around.

  1. Balzac Wine Bar


    Balzac Wine Bar

    Comfort food doesn’t have to be low-key. Treat yourself to Balzac Wine Bar’s signature “Sac Mac,” made with five cheeses and topped with bleu cheese and toasted panko bread crumbs.

    1716 N. Arlington Place
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 755-0099
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  2. Maxie’s

    Southern Comfort


    Southern comfort is the name of the game at Maxie’s, which also serves white cheddar mac n’ n cheese (as a side) in addition to shrimp and grits, red beans and rice, and more.

    6732 W. Fairview Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53213
    (414) 292-3969
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  3. Stop by the Milwaukee Public Market for a bowl of soup from the Soup Market. You’ll find chicken noodle, chicken dumpling and a featured chili every day, plus three to six featured soups.

    400 N. Water Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 336-1111
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  4. Onesto



    The best comfort food is always made with love, and you’ll be able to taste that in the pasta made from scratch daily at Onesto.

    221 N. Broadway
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 308-1600
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  5. Real Chili


    Real Chili

    Originally in the basement of the Jesuit rectory on Marquette University’s campus, Real Chili opened in 1931 and is still serving some of the best chili in town for lunch, dinner, and late-night breakfast, at two locations on Wells Street. It warms the heart and soul.

    419 E. Wells Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 271-4042
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  6. With over 40 kinds of pizza and weekly live music, Transfer Pizzeria Café will hit the spot when you need a slice. Café insider tip: Eat the white pizzas - they're made with garlic sauce.

    101 W. Mitchell Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53204
    (414) 763-0438
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  7. Find the grilled cheese of your dreams at Uber Tap Room, where they serve up everything from the classic piece of American slapped between two pieces of white bread to a Limburger sandwich (a classic of a different kind).

    1048 N Old World 3rd St
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
    (414) 755-2424
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