Ask yourself this: how can you possibly make cheese better? Pair it with beer. And how could you enhance the flavors of chocolate? Pair it with beer! Yes, we’re a beer town, but we also just plain love cleverly paired food and drinks. And lucky for you, plenty of Milwaukee establishments offer them.

  1. Great Lakes Distillery

    Spirits Pairing

    Great Lakes Distillery

    Milwaukee is known as a beer town, but we’re also home to great spirit makers. Great Lakes Distillery is one of them, and you can enjoy their creations paired with cheese or even cigars at special tastings.

    616 W. Virginia Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53204
    (414) 431-8683
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  2. Indulgence Chocolatiers

    Chocolate Pairing

    Indulgence Chocolatiers

    Indulgence Chocolatiers offers not just one pairing, but four. At the Walker’s Point Chocolate Bar location, you can pair their inventive chocolate with either beer, wine, sparkling wine, or cheese. No reservation required!

    211 S. 2nd Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53204
    (414) 223-0123
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  3. Wisconsin Cheese Mart

    Cheese Pairing

    Wisconsin Cheese Mart

    You can up your cheese education at Wisconsin Cheese Mart just by stopping in and talking to the friendly cheesemongers. You can also attend any of their pairing events with the Uber Tap Room – from cider and cheese, or mac n’ cheese and beer, to grilled cheese and beer, you’ll be able to learn about all of the wonderful ways to enjoy cheese, and the many foods and beverages that complement it.

    215 W. Highland Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
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