Downer Avenue

Historic Downer Avenue is one of Milwaukee's most popular East Side business districts known for its great dining, shopping, movies, and annual events. You can’t go wrong patronizing any of these establishments.

  1. BelAir Cantina

    Mexican Restaurant

    BelAir Cantina

    Home to OnMilwaukee’s voter’s choice best margarita for two straight years, BelAir Cantina’s Downer Avenue location is a great spot to enjoy tasty tacos, burritos and fresh salsas.

    2625 N. Downer Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53211
    (414) 964-1190
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  2. Boswell Book Company is one of America’s great independent bookstores and is beloved by Milwaukeeans. Boswell sells new, second-hand, and bargain books, special orders, greeting cards, journals, and gifts. Be sure to check Boswell’s website to see if your favorite author is in town for a reading.

    2559 N. Downer Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53211
    (414) 332-1181
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  3. Café Hollander

    Belgian Restaurant

    Café Hollander

    Café Hollander is proud to be a grand café in the style of those found throughout the Low Countries, especially the “Benelux” region (Benelux is the region of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). Hollander is famous for its Belgian beers, served with everything from mussels and frites to waffles and pancakes.

    2608 N. Downer Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53211
    (414) 963-6366
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  4. The Downer opened to the public in the winter of 1915 and quickly became a model of modern theater technology at the time. Landmark Theatres, the current operator, took over in 1989. Today, the Downer is a beloved part of the neighborhood, as well as one of the venues for the Milwaukee Film Festival.

    2589 N Downer Ave
    Milwaukee, WI • 53211
    (414) 962-3120
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  5. The Original Pancake House is a family-owned business specializing in authentic, homemade goodness. Signature dishes include the apple pancakes, five-egg omelets, and cherry kijafa crepes.

    , •
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  6. Pizza Man

    Pizzeria & Wine Bar

    Pizza Man

    Pizza Man originally opened in 1970, but burned to the ground in January 2010. It took almost three years to find the perfect new location and they have gone to great lengths to recreate the familiar, friendly and eclectic old-world atmosphere of the original location. Pizza Man serves classic Milwaukee thin-crust pizza and has an incredible wine selection

    2597 N Downer Ave
    Milwaukee, WI • 53211
    (414) 272-1745
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  7. Stone Creek Coffee

    Coffee Roaster

    Stone Creek Coffee

    Stone Creek Coffee, one of the city’s largest local roasters, recently opened this Downer Avenue location and the neighbors rejoiced! That’s because they’re now happily enjoying Stone Creek’s excellent brews, pastries and locally made Rishi tea – and you can too!

    2650 N Downer Ave
    Milwaukee, WI • 53211
    (414) 270-1008
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  8. Sala

    Italian Restaurant


    Sala’s modern Sicilian cuisine and authentic dishes are prepared with great care. There you’ll be able to relax, enjoy wine or a drink at the bar, or dine in its cozy dining room.

    2613 E. Hampshire Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53211
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