Souvenir Shopping

When your visit to Milwaukee comes to a close, be sure to take a piece of us home with you. Whether you’re looking to bring home a bag of cheese curds or a trinket from one of our local artisans, we have lots of great options for your souvenirs.

  1. Brew City Brand

    Clothing Brand

    Brew City Brand

    If you’re in the market for a uniquely Milwaukee tee full of puns and snarky sayings, you’ll want to head to Brew City Brand, with easily accessible locations in the Milwaukee Public Market or the Grand Avenue Mall.

    240 N. Milwaukee Street
    Suite 201
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 226-2244
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  2. Colectivo Coffee

    Coffee Brand

    Colectivo Coffee

    Very few logos are as recognizable or beloved in Milwaukee than Colectivo. Grab one of their cozy t-shirts or travel mugs to declare your love for this local coffee roaster. You can even pick up a pound of your favorite blend to sustain your caffeine addiction until your next visit.

    1701 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 223-4551
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  3. You have to take home some of the beer history when you’re in Brew City. After you finish the free Miller Brewery tour, swing through The Girl in the Moon Brewery Shop to pick up anything from custom glassware to neon signs to commemorate your visit to one of Milwaukee’s oldest breweries.

    4251 W. State Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53208
    (414) 931-BEER
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  4. HANMade Milwaukee

    Souvenir Brand

    HANMade Milwaukee

    This charming Lakefront Souvenir Bandana is designed and printed in Milwaukee and is sure to bring a smile to anyone missing the 414. Find these pieces at the Morning Glory Gallery or in gift shops throughout the city.

    Morning Glory Gallery
    929 North Water Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 765-7227
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  5. The Museum Store

    Gift Shop

    The Museum Store

    The beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum is a must-see on your trip to Milwaukee, but your artistic experience doesn’t have to end at the door. The Museum Store lets you bring home gifts inspired by your artists featured in the museum.

    700 N. Art Museum Drive
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 224-3200
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  6. When visiting the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, stop in the Vintage Gift Shop for the ultimate brewing souvenirs: rare, authentic Pabst memorabilia that cannot be purchased anywhere else. You’ll truly be taking home a piece of Milwaukee’s history.

    917 W. Juneau Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53233
    (414) 630-1609
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  7. Milwaukee is home to Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and the world’s only Harley-Davidson Museum, so channel your inner motorcyclist and grab some Harley apparel, collectables, or historic art – many of which can’t be found anywhere else – while you’re visiting the museum.

    400 W. Canal Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
    (414) 287-2789
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  8. Sparrow Collective

    Boutique Gift Shop

    Sparrow Collective

    When you’re down in Bay View and in need of a great Milwaukee gift, make a stop at Sparrow Collective. This brick and mortar boutique and gift shop features clothing, jewelry, home goods, candles, and many other gifts from local Milwaukee artists and designers.

    2224 S Kinnickinnic Ave
    Milwaukee, WI • 53207
    (414) 747-9229
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  9. The Spice House

    Spice Store

    The Spice House

    With locations on Old World Third Street and inside the Milwaukee Public Market, it’s easy to pick up some Milwaukee-inspired spices and gift boxes to take home a taste of Milwaukee.

    1031 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
    (414) 272-0977
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  10. Waxwing

    Local Art


    For your one-stop shop for local art and handmade Milwaukee gifts, a visit to The Waxwing in Milwaukee’s East Side neighborhood is a must. This consignment shop is home to over 300 local and national artists, so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

    1800 E North Ave
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
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  11. Wisconsin Cheese Mart

    Cheese Shop

    Wisconsin Cheese Mart

    A trip to Milwaukee isn’t complete without cheese! The Wisconsin Cheese Mart on Old World Third Street houses the world’s largest selection of Wisconsin cheeses. Choose your favorite cheeses or purchase one of their curated sampler baskets for a delicious souvenir.

    215 W. Highland Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
    (414) 272-3544
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