Souvenir Shopping

When your visit to Milwaukee comes to a close, be sure to take a piece of us home with you. Whether you’re looking to bring home a bag of cheese curds or a trinket from one of our local artisans, we have lots of great options for your souvenirs.

  1. Very few logos are as recognizable or beloved in Milwaukee than Colectivo. Grab one of their cozy t-shirts or travel mugs to declare your love for this local coffee roaster. You can even pick up a pound of your favorite blend to sustain your caffeine addiction until your next visit.

    1701 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 223-4551
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  2. The Museum Store

    Gift Shop

    The Museum Store

    The beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum is a must-see on your trip to Milwaukee, but your artistic experience doesn’t have to end at the door. The Museum Store lets you bring home gifts inspired by your artists featured in the museum.

    700 N. Art Museum Drive
    Milwaukee, WI • 53202
    (414) 224-3200
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  3. When visiting the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, stop in the Gift Shop for the ultimate brewing souvenirs: rare, authentic Pabst memorabilia that cannot be purchased anywhere else. You’ll truly be taking home a piece of Milwaukee’s history.

    917 W. Juneau Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53233
    (414) 630-1609
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  4. The new Harley-Davidson® Shop offers more than 150 new products and many new unique experiences - since customization has been a hallmark of Harley-Davidson for decades, you will also have the opportunity to create your own one-of-a-kind items that stand out from the crowd.

    400 W. Canal Street
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
    (414) 287-2789
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    Official H-D Outlet


    The first and only Harley-Davidson Factory Shop is the official H-D outlet for end-of-season gear and discontinued products. The Factory Shop and the Harley-Davidson® Shop encompass more than 13,000 square feet of Harley-Davidson premium retail space.

    401 W Canal St.
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
    (414) 287-2770
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  6. Wisconsin Cheese Mart

    Cheese Shop

    Wisconsin Cheese Mart

    A trip to Milwaukee isn’t complete without cheese! The Wisconsin Cheese Mart on Old World Third Street houses the world’s largest selection of Wisconsin cheeses. Choose your favorite cheeses or purchase one of their curated sampler baskets for a delicious souvenir.

    215 W. Highland Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI • 53203
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