Channel Your Inner Bookworm

The Little Free Library program started in Hudson, Wisconsin and has since spread worldwide to include a network of over 15,000 registered free libraries globally. The concept is simple: construct or order a small library, register it to get a charter number, fill it with books and sit back and watch your neighborhood enjoy!

There are nearly 20 Little Free Libraries in Wauwatosa, and several feature a playful design that makes them fun to visit, even if you won’t be borrowing a book. On N. 69th St., you’ll find a miniature bright red London phone booth outside a home, and the libraries in front of the First Congregational Church, Wauwatosa Women’s Club and TOSA Pool Grand Hall at Hoyt Park are detailed miniature versions of the buildings that are located behind them.

Wauwatosans love to share, but they also love to read. If you want to blend in with the locals, make sure to pick up a book or attend one of the great events at the public library while you’re in town.

Shop the Farmers Markets

Everyone loves a farmers market in the summer, but the people of Tosa have such an affinity for fresh, local food that they have two! Check out one or both of these local markets while you’re in town.

Stop by the Tosa Farmers Market, held each Saturday morning through summer and early autumn. This volunteer-run open air market has become a cornerstone of the Tosa community, providing both locally-grown produce and artisan local food and fun community events like yoga, music and cooking lessons. On the first Saturday of the month, you’ll also find the Makers Market and have the opportunity to shop from local artists and crafters.

You could also try the Hartung Park Farmers Market presented by the Hartung Park Community Association. This small but lively market is held on Wednesday afternoons through summer and early fall. You’ll find live music and entertainment alongside vendors in this park, which is built on a historic quarry.

Whether you're a foodie or a bookworm, you'll find something to like about these activities beloved by Wauwatosans.

Blend in at local events

Wauwatosa's locals love to have a good time! You'll really get a taste for the community spirit by taking part in popular festivals and events. Wauwatosa's Fourth of July parade is the largest suburban parade in the state, and TosaFest brings everyone out to the street for music, food, pony rides, and more. In the winter, join the throngs to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train drive into town, bringing holiday cheer to the Village.

Head to the Zoo

See the king of the jungle, a sea of colorful butterflies, and slithering, swimming and swinging creatures at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Take a ride on the steam-powered Safari Train, get a bird’s eye view on the Sky Trail zip line, ropes course and climbing wall or enjoy the colorful menagerie on the Zoo’s carousel. Get face-to-face with the tallest animals in the Zoo at the Giraffe Experience exhibit with an elevated deck. You can even reserve a time to help feed them at the Flamingo Gift Shop!

Polar Bear