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Lesa Edwards

Finance Manager


What year did you start at VISIT Milwaukee?


What makes working at VISIT Milwaukee special?

Enough cannot be said as VM has created one of the most phenomenal life changing experiences to me being an immigrant from another country. The organization has allowed me to hone my skills and is instrumental in teaching me about this great city and what it has to offer. The company has a listening ear and has allowed me to express my ideas and opinions which speaks value to the management team. Leveraging my skills for growth is utmost to the me and VM has created an environment to maximize those skills in allowing me that growth. Another key aspect at VM is volunteering and I have grown to love giving back and enjoy the different events the organization is involved in. I can proudly say that VM has allowed me to carry the pride of the city wherever I go.

What is something fun about you?

Listening to great music and moving to the rhythm (although offbeat)

What do you consider a "can't miss" Milwaukee experience?

State Fair; Walking along the lakefront or simply just sit and watch and hear the sound of water. Newfound love for Summerfest and the different parades held during the summer.

If you could only eat one Milwaukee staple food forever, what would it be?