Good Things Brewing

S1 Ep4 – Sandra Dempsey & Derek Mosley

This episode join host, David Caruso, and his guests, Sandra Dempsey and Derek Mosley. From a Mexican grocery store to a new wine shop, explore whats good about the Good Land.


Meet the Cast

Sandra Dempsey

Sandra Dempsey

Mexico native Sandra Dempsey moved to Milwaukee in 2002, and the media professional marvels at the amount of transformation she’s seen the city undergo since then. “There is a feeling of freedom and openness to start and try new things,” Dempsey said. “This translates into individual confidence when creating, innovating and offering the community new products, services and experiences.”

She thinks Milwaukee excels at finding the delicate balance between embarking on new developments and retaining what makes it such a special place. “Growing and evolving comes with challenges and rewards, so it’s important to preserve what has made us stand out,” Dempsey said, “and continue to have the vision to be a top city to work and play.”

Derek Mosley

Derek Mosley

Derek Mosley spent 20 years as a Milwaukee municipal judge before joining Marquette. The self-described foodie enjoys having a seat at the table for Milwaukee’s award-winning restaurant scene. Moreover, he loves the city’s diversity, and how it makes this a place with something for everyone.

But for all of the development through the years, Mosley is particularly thankful for what hasn’t been developed. “We’ve created green spaces next to the lake,” Mosley said, “so it can be enjoyed by people and not high rises.” Milwaukee is home to more than 150 public parks, including three designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, who also happened to design New York City’s Central Park. They are gems not to be missed.


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