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AX Milwaukee - Thanks for playing!


Built to amplify the value of the creator economy, blockchain technology and Web3Visit Milwaukee created Authenticated Experiences (AX) as a non-fungible token (NFT) art tourism program. AX was the tourism’s industry’s only immersive and interactive NFT platform, leveraging non-fungible token art as a utility for collectors to unlock exclusive, real-life experiences and prizes amidst a scavenger-hunt-like format.


AX Milwaukee Artists


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Meet T9LET


Tiara Nicole aka T9LET is a self-taught artist, author, radio personality, tarot reader and Web 3.0 enthusiast. She creates fan art, cover art and original art inspired by various themes and genres. She is a co-founder of Craft The Future, a creative agency that educates and showcase the best of Web 3.0 and NFT art. She is passionate about spreading love and positivity through her art and voice. She has been a freelance artist since 2006 and has a strong online presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Some of her achievements or awards include:

  • Creating a piece for Tezos4Nature, a campaign to support environmental causes using Tezos blockchain.
  • Being the first Milwaukee NFT artist to be featured in ImNotArt community #20 gallery curated by The Marcus Performing Arts Center.
  • Being the first Milwaukee NFT artist to be featured in WomenVerse101 Museum.
  • ​Being the first artist to partner with Metaverse Publishing to create their first 3D interactive NFT book

headshot of musician Cullah

Meet Cullah


Cullah is an American songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist and engineer. His songwriting and performance styles vary in instrumentation and genres. Referred to as “The Beck of Milwaukee”, Cullah has explored a variety of musical styles throughout his career of over half his life and counting. In 2024, Cullah will release his 17th studio album entitled Cú Chulainn. Throughout his catalog, Cullah’s voice comes through clearly as a unique voice. Cullah’s artistry has a strong storytelling focus as he explores the deeper meanings behind myths and their symbols. His performances are often dynamic and captivating in a way to connect with his audience at a primal level - as taught in his family through generations. Cullah’s grandparents Dick and Nancy Wolff broke the Guinness world record for largest family band The Wolff Family Band, totalling 19 members.