Good Things Brewing

S1 Ep2 – Mauricio Ramirez and Samantha Timm

This episode join host, David Caruso, and his guests, Mauricio Ramirez and Samantha Timm. Get in touch with your creative side as these two Milwaukee artists show you where they live, work, and create in the Good Land.


Meet the Cast

Mauricio Ramierez

Mauricio Ramierez

He’s known for making larger-than-life murals, like the three-story-tall downtown homage to Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. And Mauricio Ramirez sees this city as the perfect canvas not only for creating art, but also for creating community.

“I love how Milwaukee has embraced public art into its landscape and fabric,” Ramirez said. “It shows how everything is so interconnected. For instance, sports support the arts, and the arts support community storytelling.”

Such stories can spring from anyone and anywhere, Ramirez said, whether out at a game or on a stool at the corner bars that reflect the city’s many neighborhoods. “Genuine conversations are naturally started without it being weird or odd,” he said, “and that’s something that you just can’t find anywhere else.”


Samantha Timm

Samantha Timm

Samantha Timm’s curatorial art career includes stops at the York Art Gallery in the United Kingdom and New York City’s Guggenheim Museum. So she knows the ingredients of a cultured art scene, and she sees them all right here in Milwaukee.

“There is art and culture around every corner of the city,” Timm said, “and much of it is accessible and open to the public.” That includes everything from the world-renowned Milwaukee Art Museum to Wisconsin Avenue’s public art installations to the striking pieces Timm brings to Saint Kate.

Equally important, Timm said, is how Milwaukeeans continue to elevate the arts scene. “People in the arts community go out of their way to support each other and collaborate,” Timm said. “They’re constantly building each other up and inviting those new to Milwaukee to participate in what they are working on.”

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