Good Things Brewing


Good things are brewing here in Milwaukee and we're ready to share our story! Each week, experience what makes the cream city the best place to live through the eyes of the city’s most interesting residents. Get immersed in Milwaukee’s rich culture as community leaders take host David Caruso on a tour of their favorite places around town.

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Episode 1

Discover what Jesus Gonzalez and Paul Bartolotta love about Milwaukee

Episode 2

Catch up on the latest episode, featuring Noel Alvarado & Shawna Nicols

Episode 3

Let Mauricio Ramirez and Samantha Timm take you to their favorite spots in Brew City

Episode 4

See Milwaukee through the eyes of guests Sandra Dempsey & Derek Mosley


Meet the Host

David Caruso
David Caruso, Owner of Dynamic Events


David Caruso, the host of “Good Things Brewing,” hears time and again how people who experience Milwaukee find it an unforgettable experience. “Visitors, touring performers and new businesses confirm that the people of Milwaukee made a powerful, lasting impression.” Caruso said. “Without the kindness and amiability of its people, Milwaukee wouldn’t be nearly as popular among travel writers, convention-goers and real estate developers.”

He looks forward to sharing Milwaukee’s hidden gems – restaurants and attractions, neighborhoods and businesses, and the people behind them all - with wider audiences. “I love that Milwaukee is always looking for new ways to celebrate our diversity, culture and talent,” Caruso said. “It's a place where people can realize their dreams and create a lifestyle that's rich in friends, activities, work and prosperity.”

Meet The Cast

Each special guest is a local known for their impact on our city. Season one features:

Put Down Roots In Milwaukee


Good things are brewing in Milwaukee. Here in the “Gathering Place,” transformational times are on the horizon. Buildings are on the rise, the Wisconsin Center expansion is well underway, and the city is abuzz with the fresh energy of growth. Come live in one of National Geographic’s “Best of the World” destinations. Together, in the city, we’ll thrive.


Production of Good Things Brewing in supported by a generous grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Learn more about WEDC.

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