John Blust

John Blust


What year did you start at VISIT Milwaukee?


What makes working at VISIT Milwaukee special?

Working at VISIT Milwaukee has brought my love of the Cream City full circle. Growing up in the Milwaukee area, I honed a deep appreciation for the city that I call home. Now, as the organization’s Copywriter, I’m able to shine the bright spotlight on the aspects of our destination that have made Milwaukee into one of National Geographic’s “Best of the World” every day.

What is something fun about you?

When I’m not writing about our great place on a Great Lake, I can regularly be found exploring the city’s 150+ miles of trails and streets on foot and by bike. An avid cyclist and runner, I’m always on the lookout for a new route around town.

What do you consider a "can't miss" Milwaukee experience?

Milwaukee really is an elite urban outdoor destination. From the 150+ miles of trails connecting downtown as far west as Greenfield and as far north as Ozaukee County to the joys of kayaking down the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers, the 150 beautifully manicured Milwaukee County Parks to the many beaches that dot the fresh coast of Lake Michigan, the wonders of nature really are just steps away from the city’s downtown.

If you could only eat one Milwaukee staple food forever, what would it be?

In a photo finish, fried cheese curds edge out the classic fish fry. All around Milwaukee, both cheese curds and fish frys are prepared in such a variety that sampling them all can become its own hobby. However, cheese curds are a dream pre-dinner treat that pair beautifully with just about any entre. For this reason alone, the cheese curd stands alone as the leader atop the staple Milwaukee food pyramid.