Featured in episode two of the second season of "Good Things Brewing," Pete Cooney is Milwaukee's foremost popsicle purveyor. Pete started pushing his pops in 2014, and it didn't take long for Pete's Pops to become a Milwaukee summer institution. You can find Pete's Pops' tasty treats from 15+ push carts all over the Milwaukee area, four area brick-and-mortar locations, Summerfest, Bucks games, and more!


Milwaukee was named a top-three U.S. large city in Condé Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards in 2024. What do you feel sets our city apart? What makes us unique? 

Lake Michigan and the surrounding nature make Milwaukee worthy of a place on any top 25 travel list, but what sets us apart is the ease of living in Milwaukee and the opportunity to impact a growing and exciting city.


Milwaukee was listed as one of National Geographic's best destinations for slow travel in 2023, meaning that the community plays an integral role in the visitor experience. The publication also noted the city's tight-knit creative community. What role does our community play in making Milwaukee a great place to live and visit? 

Our people make the city. In Milwaukee, you can be on the shores of a world wonder of a lake, attend a basketball game of a world champion team, and yet still find YOUR place to add something to the city's culture....and people will notice YOU right next to those world-famous treasures!


While noting a local renaissance in the form of development throughout Milwaukee, the piece also shares many of the iconic institutions and local staples. What is something you wish more people knew about Milwaukee? What are some hidden gems that you feel often go overlooked? 

I fell in love with Lake Michigan and the easy access to so much beautiful nature right in Milwaukee or the surrounding area. I think Milwaukee boasts one of the greatest mixes of urban living and nature in the world. Right up there with Seattle, or California, or Asheville or other places noted for their combination of city and nature.


Pete and David BTS with the Good Things Brewing camera crew


Did you grow up in Milwaukee? If not, what was your initial impression of the city, and how has your perspective changed over the years? 

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. I fell in love with the people, culture and nature of Milwaukee. It is a very easy city to enjoy and live in.


What is your vision for Milwaukee as it continues its evolution? 

Continue to work to connect and move more people around easily and safely so that ALL of our citizens and visitors can experience all of the corners and pockets of the city and surrounding areas.


As a featured community member in "Good Things Brewing," you must be passionate about all our city has to offer. So, what do you love about Milwaukee and why? 

I love that Milwaukee is a world-class city with a unique culture but that it is still working to define itself, and redefine itself, and fight for our place in this world. It's a confident and humble city, and it's evolving. So many other cities seem like they are already defined. We are creating our city in real time, and you can participate in that if you wish.


With the title of “Good Things Brewing,” what do you have brewing? What is on the horizon for the community you are looking forward to? 

Continue to operate a fun and successful busy business in Milwaukee without ever losing sight of the role we play in trying to uplift our community in as many ways as possible.


Learn more about Pete by watching season two of "Good Things Brewing"!