Summer in Milwaukee

Milwaukee comes alive in the summertime! You’ll see the city at its busiest, with visitors and locals alike gathering outside on patios and in beer gardens, and at street parties and festivals, to enjoy the warm, sunny weather. Riders hop on Harleys and bicycles to feel the wind in their hair. Don’t miss free outdoor concerts, vibrant ethnic festivals, al fresco dining, and tons of outdoor fun.

Your Guide to Summer in

Beer Gardens

In 2012, Milwaukee’s first beer garden since Prohibition – actually, the country’s…

Pet-Friendly Itinerary Jun 09

Pet-Friendly Itinerary


Bender's Big Break VISIT Milwaukee’s letting the dogs out for the Admiral’s re-barkable 2022-23 season! While the Ads fell just short in their chase for the…

Green Itinerary May 31

Green Itinerary


Make big travel plans with a small carbon footprint in the Cream City! As one of the most walkable cities in the country, an environmentally conscious adventure is only a few…

414 Day Itinerary Apr 13

414 Day Itinerary


In Milwaukee, April 14 means more in the 414. A day reflecting the city's area code, 414 Day is an opportunity for Milwaukeeans to show their local pride and celebrate the…

Groundhog Day Itinerary Feb 02

Groundhog Day Itinerary


Okay campers, rise and shine! Put on your booties because it’s cooold out there. That’s right, it’s Groundhog Day! A magnificent holiday where we look to…

Milwaukee Mural Art-Inerary Nov 18

Milwaukee Mural Art-Inerary


Over the past several years, Milwaukee has grown into a flourishing landscape of public art. From the annual exhibitions established by Sculpture Milwaukee to the many vibrant…