Pro Sports

There’s no denying that Milwaukee is a sports town! We go all out to cheer for our teams, whether it’s major leaguers like the Admirals, Brewers or Bucks, or local and minor league teams with an equally devoted following. Grab your foam finger, put on your game face, and come check out Milwaukee’s pro sports teams.

Root, root, root for any of Milwaukee's hometown teams! Enjoy the beauty of a well-placed crossing pass or the crunch of a deafening hit against the boards, the crisp crack of the bat or the…

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Sports Bars

Forget watching the game on the couch with a sad bowl of dip; bring your friends and…


Milwaukee is home to fast-paced action year round. Check out the schedules of these popular local teams and never miss a game.

Harley-Davidson Homecoming™ Festival

An annual celebration of music, moto-culture, and Milwaukee, the Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival is four days and nights packed full of entertainment, events, and live performances by some of the biggest names in music. In addition to…

Baird Center Expansion

Now that the expansion is complete, the Baird Center will offer 52 state-of-the-art breakout rooms, 300,000 contiguous square feet of exhibition space, the stunning rooftop Baird Ballroom with city views, inclusive amenities and more!