Featured in episode two of the second season of "Good Things Brewing," Shary Tran is an incredible advocate for DEI efforts in Milwaukee with over 27 years of experience in DEI leadership, which includes major organizations such as Generac, Amazon, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Briggs & Stratton and Johnson Controls. A lifelong resident of Milwaukee, WI, she has served on numerous boards in the community, such as Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee, Sojourner Family Peace Center, and Teens Grow Greens. Shary is an Executive Board member of the AAPI Coalition of Wisconsin and co-founder of ElevAsian – an organization dedicated to elevating the visibility of AAPI businesses, professionals and community issues. She is the youngest child in an immigrant family of 12 and a first-generation Wisconsin native.


Milwaukee was named a top-three U.S. large city in Condé Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards in 2024. What do you feel sets our city apart? What makes us unique? 

Milwaukee is unique because we have a great balance of big-city experiences with small-town sensibility. We are a community that harbors incredible talent and incredible humility at the same time. It keeps us open to new things.


Milwaukee was listed as one of National Geographic's best destinations for slow travel in 2023, meaning that the community plays an integral role in the visitor experience. The publication also noted the city's tight-knit creative community. What role does our community play in making Milwaukee a great place to live and visit? 

Milwaukeeans care about the city and are proud to show it off. We are happy to help anyone experiencing Milwaukee for the first time by showing them the things we love.


While noting a local renaissance in the form of development throughout Milwaukee, the piece also shares many of the iconic institutions and local staples. What is something you wish more people knew about Milwaukee? What are some hidden gems that you feel often go overlooked? 

I wish more people knew about the richness of cultures we have in Milwaukee. The history of the people and their stories.


Shary Tran and David Caruso BTS of Good Things Brewing


Did you grow up in Milwaukee? If yes, how have you seen it grow and evolve over your lifetime?

Over the years, I have seen the city evolve into a travel destination. The culinary scene here has really bloomed, and we are being spoken of in conversations where we have never been before. The diversity of businesses growing in Milwaukee is a change that I love to see. I highlighted a couple of businesses that are franchises, but the reason I highlighted them is that they are popular Asian franchises outside of Wisconsin. This tells me that the city is beginning to respond and cater to the needs of a new demographic, and that is exciting to me. It is amazing to see the impact VISIT Milwaukee has made on the world’s perception of Milwaukee.


What is your vision for Milwaukee as it continues its evolution? 

I would love to see us embrace more community spaces that serve everyone—places where people can come together and enjoy the city and feel like it belongs to all of us.


As a featured community member in "Good Things Brewing," you must be passionate about all our city has to offer. So, what do you love about Milwaukee and why? 

I love the connectedness of the people in this city and how the fierce love for Milwaukee burns inside of them. We have known about the great things brewing in Milwaukee for a long time, and I am excited to share them.


With the title of “Good Things Brewing,” what do you have brewing? What is on the horizon for the community you are looking forward to? 

I am looking forward to ushering in the Lunar New Year and watching every episode of "Top Chef" in Wisconsin!


Learn more about Shary by watching episode two of Good Things Brewing!