Featured in Season 2 Episode 3 of "Good Things Brewing," Tenia Fisher is an accomplished educator, competitive runner, and advocate for social justice, health and wellness in her community. She is now the Health and Wellness Director for Social X and Co-founder of F.E.A.R. (Forget Everything and Run), a Social X program dedicated to creating a safe and diverse running community within the city of Milwaukee. After spending 10 years as an elementary teacher, in 2023, Tenia transitioned her career to a Community Partnership Director at Greater Holy Temple Christian Academy. She enjoys spending time with her family, running and experiencing new places in Milwaukee.


Milwaukee was named a top-three U.S. large city in Condé Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards in 2024. What do you feel sets our city apart? What makes us unique? 

What sets Milwaukee apart is that whether you're from here, live just outside the city, or are from a surrounding county, Milwaukee finds a way to feel like it belongs to everyone in Wisconsin. Our uniqueness comes from being able to feel like a small town and a big city all at once. I love how, in one day out, I can see someone from high school or meet a new friend!


Milwaukee was listed as one of National Geographic's best destinations for slow travel in 2023, meaning that the community plays an integral role in the visitor experience. The publication also noted the city's tight-knit creative community. What role does our community play in making Milwaukee a great place to live and visit? 

The people in Milwaukee are warm, welcoming and inviting. Milwaukeeans have their own version of Midwestern charm.


While noting a local renaissance in the form of development throughout Milwaukee, the piece also shares many of the iconic institutions and local staples. What is something you wish more people knew about Milwaukee? What are some hidden gems that you feel often go overlooked?  

Something I wish more people knew about Milwaukee is that although we have the best breweries, a gorgeous art museum, and the home of Harley-Davidson, we are also a diverse community! We have excellent and thriving black-owned businesses like Mobay Cafe, which offers amazing Jamaican cuisine.


Tenia Fisher BTS Good Things Brewing


Did you grow up in Milwaukee? If yes, how have you seen it grow and evolve over your lifetime?

I am proud to say I was born and raised in Milwaukee! Something I have witnessed is how the city has grown to be more inviting and inclusive to its residents, but also the surrounding area residents, by providing new opportunities and unique experiences and improving upon the existing foundations that make Milwaukee special. For example, I remember spending time at the beach after picking my mom up from downtown. Although they are good memories for her and me, the lakefront wasn't what it is today. I now see the lakefront as a highlight of the growth and development our city has undergone over the years. It's more accessible and inviting and offers a wide variety of experiences for our community to build memories like mine.


What is your vision for Milwaukee as it continues its evolution? 

My vision for Milwaukee is to continue to be a melting pot of experience and opportunity. The more we can continue to offer in the form of unique events, inclusive community gatherings, and opportunities for new businesses, the better. Our growth and development should continue to bring new ideas and not be afraid to take risks. People are drawn to opportunity and need to see more of it to know it exists here.


With the title of “Good Things Brewing,” what do you have brewing? What is on the horizon for the community you are looking forward to? 
I'm looking forward to celebrating 10 years of F.E.A.R. MKE! One of our big celebrations is to host Bridge the Gap in Milwaukee. Run crews from all over the world will come to Milwaukee to celebrate and run! We can't wait to expose all these newbies to Milwaukee!


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