Meet the New Visit Milwaukee

It’s a city where big, fresh ideas inspire us, where bright, bold flavor unites us, and where we move forward together with a celebratory, collaborative spirit.

two kayakers kayaking under the Hoan Bridge

Milwaukee Fresh

What is Milwaukee Fresh? It’s the spirit of innovation and exploration that surges through a city where different cultures, ideas and perspectives continually converge. Our city sits at the confluence of three rivers and a Great Lake, so it’s no wonder that new ideas are always getting stirred up here, and that Milwaukee is a cradle for art, industry and community. The water is a source of inspiration, a place to gather and celebrate, and a thread that weaves through our diverse and vibrant communities, stitching us all together. What sparked this place to brew world-famous beer, host world-famous festivals and craft world-famous machines designed to explore the open road? It’s something in the water. It’s Milwaukee Fresh. 

Fuel Cafe Brunch

Milwaukee Flavor

How do you define Milwaukee Flavor? In one sense, it’s classic: the songs, meals, gatherings and traditions arising from all the corners of a city where people from around the world came to seek community and opportunity. We celebrate those flavors; we cherish and preserve them. Yet Milwaukee Flavor isn’t static: our people are tinkerers and creators, mash-up artists and visionaries who draw inspiration from different traditions to explore bold new ideas. Perhaps not every flavor is for everyone, but as you explore our city you’ll find a place where exploration and expression are celebrated by all. 

a little girl looking off camera in an art gallery

Milwaukee Forward

As we move Milwaukee Forward, what makes this city different than its peers? You’ll find the answer at Summerfest, Oktoberfest, Mitten Fest and every fest in between. You’ll see it on full display at Brewers and Bucks games, as well as throughout the small-business districts that line both our historic downtown and also our collage of vibrant communities. But here’s the thing: Milwaukee Forward isn’t about what’s on stage, but rather what surrounds you: the people, the positivity, the welcoming and generous spirit. We cheer each other on. We celebrate successes as one. We work together, we play together, we make change together. Milwaukee Forward is a joyful, continuous, community-wide project—one with an open invitation that’s got your name on it. 

Made in Milwaukee, by Milwaukee

a couple smiling each other while riding bublr bikes on the RiverWalk
Heartbeat of the City
Heartbeat of the City

The top line stands for Milwaukee’s heartbeat and the vibrant energy that pulses throughout the city.

Celebrating our Water
Celebrating Our Water

The middle line celebrates our water: our Lake Michigan coastline, and also the rivers that wind throughout our community and act as a perpetual source of innovation and inspiration.


The third line represents diversity. The magic of Milwaukee isn’t rooted in any particular landmark or tourist attraction, but in the combined strength of every person and culture represented here.

Discover the Uncommon Coast

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