Over 100 esports influencers and leaders will gather in Milwaukee’s Deer District on March 10 for the first ever Wisconsin Esports Summit. Presented by the MKEsports Alliance, this first-of-its-kind state event takes place in The Mecca Sports Bar & Grill (The Mecca) from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“The global esports – electronic sports – economy is now in the billions of dollars, demonstrating a worldwide interest and love of gaming,” said MKEsports Alliance’s Brandon Tschacher. “Business Insider Intelligence says esports viewership will grow to 646 million. Deloitte says esports investments doubled in 2018.”

And that impact is not just on the world’s stage.

“Over $330 million is added to our local economy thanks to Wisconsin’s growing video game industry,” Tschacher said. “Couple this with Milwaukee’s tech hub reputation as well as the city’s tech talent, and we are in a perfect position to dominate the esports market.”

MKEsports Alliance is hosting the Wisconsin Esports Summit to bring individuals and organizations together around the present and future of esports in the region. In addition to networking and game playing, guests will gain key perspectives as well as data during panel discussions and breakout sessions.

Sports Milwaukee is a sponsor of the event, and Sports Milwaukee Director Marissa Werner will be a speaker during the learning opportunities.

“Milwaukee has played host to esports events for over two decades now from the Midwest Gaming Classic to the Midwinter Gaming Convention. That is in addition to the solid gaming presence grown by local businesses, regional groups, and organizations such as the MKEsports Alliance,” said Marissa Werner, director of Sports Milwaukee. “Our esports scene is not only burgeoning, it’s thriving, making the Wisconsin Esports Summit a perfect fit for Milwaukee.”