Baseball is the great American pastime. Home of the Brewers, Milwaukee has perfected the art of celebrating this quintessential experience with some good old-fashioned grilling and drinking. Follow this handy guide, and you’ll be ready to tailgate like a pro.

1. A Grill

It wouldn’t be a true Wisconsin tailgate without beer brats. The only way to get this done is with your tailgate grill.

2. A Beverage (Or, Several)

Whether it’s soda, water, or some craft beer, don’t forget to pack that cooler. Tailgating is thirsty business!

3. A Bottle Opener

This is the number one thing that people forget – just don’t do it!

4. A Lighter and Charcoal

Put this in the grill the night before to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

5. Cornhole Board and Bags

A good ol’ fashioned bean bag toss is the preferred activity of veteran tailgaters.

6. Grilling Utensils 

Don’t get stuck turning your brats with your hands – burns are nobody’s friend!

7. Napkins and Hand Sanitizer

You will be touching raw meat and condiments and chips and cookies. Do yourself a favor and bring napkins and hand sanitizer to keep everyone safe and clean.

8. A Jacket

While American Family Field, home of the Brewers, has a retractable roof, it can get chilly tailgating out in the parking lot. 

9. A Small Purse

No one wants to wait in a line to get a purse checked. Bring a small purse or wristlet – this will save your entire crew some time.

10. Your Game Face

Possibly the most important thing. Get excited – you’re going to see the Brewers at American Family Field!