Caw-Cawling all bird-lovers! This weekend we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day. And, as we prepare to say a fond winter’s farewell to some of our fine feathered friends migrating south for the season, at locations throughout the area, you can take advantage of prime birding opportunities and World Migratory Bird Day festivities! Perfect for everyone from birding novices to aviary aficionados, check out our guide, sure to make your love of all things bird take flight.

Bird is the word this weekend. Twice a year, bird enthusiasts flock to area parks, overlooks and nature centers to celebrate the migratory birds that make their home in the Greater Milwaukee area like the sandhill cranes, robins and cardinals. It may be bye-bye birdie for now, but for now it’s the perfect time to spot your favorite winged creatures.

Taking place on the second Saturday of May as well as the second Saturday of October, World Migratory Bird Day celebrates these majestic animals as they make their annual pilgrimage across the country. In honor of this occasion, we’ve let the blog go to the birds, with everything you need to make WMBD a real hoot.

World Migratory Bird Day Events

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Birds of a feather flock together at World Migratory Bird Day events throughout the area. Bring your bird bestie or make some new friends at one of these avian-centric happenings around Milwaukee. The early bird may get the worm, but events like these last all day long. Swoop by to take in the festivities to make this the best World Migratory Bird Day ever.

More Ways to Celebrate

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Every Day is Bird Day in MKE

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